niedziela, 19 stycznia 2014

Top 50 Albums of 2013

Lista 50 według mnie najciekawszych krążków 2013 roku. Lista jest ruchoma, czyli, pozycje mogą się zmieniać, niektóre krążki mogą wypaść na rzecz nowo przesłuchanych. Obok pozycji jest tytuł albumu, następnie artysta i w nawiasach gatunki albumów.

50. Nightmare Ending- Eluvium (Ambient, Modern Classical 
Minimalism, Drone)

49. (Without Noticing)- Fire! (Avant-Garde Jazz, Jazz-Rock 
Psychedelic Rock, Noise)

48. Restless Idylls- Tropic of Cancer (Minimal Wave, Darkwave 
Post-Punk, Coldwave)

47. The Terror- The Flaming Lips (Neo-Psychedelia 
Experimental Rock, Ambient Pop, Dream Pop)

46. Dreamstone- Sorrow (Dubstep, Future Garage 

45. Silencer- Helm (Drone 
Electroacoustic, Dub Techno, Industrial)

44. Chance of Rain- Laurel Halo (Techno 
Detroit Techno, Ambient Techno, Minimal Techno, IDM)

43. On Your Side- Jacques Greene (Deep House, Future Garage, UK Funky)

42. Laid Out- Shlohmo (Wonky 
Trap, Instrumental Hip Hop, Contemporary R&B)

41. Waterfall Variations- Rrose (Techno 
Industrial Techno)

40. Nexus- Young Echo (Ambient Dub
Glitch Hop, Experimental Hip Hop)

39. Faint Hearted- Miles (Ambient Dub, Dub Techno)

38. Joy One Mile- Stellar OM Source (Techno, IDM 
Progressive Electronic)

37. Ideas+Drafts+Loops- Flying Lotus (Wonky, IDM 
Abstract Hip Hop, Glitch Hop)

36. No World- Inc. (Contemporary R&B 
Neo-Soul, Dream Pop)

35.  Flowers for My Father- Sadistik (Conscious Hip Hop, Abstract Hip Hop
Cloud Rap)

34. Blaquewerk- Deadboy (UK Bass, House 
Minimal Drum and Bass)

33. Violetshaped- Violetshaped (Industrial Techno)

32. Visions/Voices- Felicia Atkinson (Ambient, Drone, Psychedelic Folk)

31. Woman- Rhye (Sophisti-Pop, Smooth Soul 
Contemporary R&B, Jazz Pop)

30. Drifters/Love is the Devil- Dirty Beaches (Ambient, Experimental Rock, Post-Punk 
Synth Punk, Minimal Synth, Industrial)

29. Spaces- Nils Frahm (Ambient, Modern Classical 

28. You Are Eternity- Dadub (Dub Techno 
Ambient, Industrial Techno)

27. Ensemble Pearl- Ensemble Pearl (Drone, Dark Ambient 
Psychedelic Rock, Chamber Music)

26. Without Your Love- oOoOO (Witch House
Ambient Pop)

25. Dysnomia- Dawn of Midi (Minimalism, Avant-Garde Jazz)

24. Engravings- Forest Swords (Neo-Psychedelia 
Ambient Dub, Downtempo, Dub)

23. Tommorow's Harvest- Boards of Canada (IDM, Ambient Techno 
Ambient, Downtempo)

22. Immunity- Jon Hopkins (Microhouse, IDM 
Tech House, Ambient)

21. 1977- Kolsch (Tech House)

20. Ruiner- Lee Noble (Drone, Ambient 
Psychedelic Folk)

19. Our Sound is Our Wound- Graveyard Tapes (Experimental)

18. Psychic- Darkside (Ambient Pop, Microhouse, 
Art Rock, Experimental Rock)

17. Double Cup- DJ Rashad (Footwork)

16. The Inheritors- Holden (IDM 
Microhouse, Progressive Electronic)

15. Vapor City- Machinedrum (Footwork 
Future Garage, Jungle, UK Funky)

14. Das Tor- Paysage d'Hiver (Atmospheric Black Metal 
Dark Ambient)

13. Settle- Disclosure (UK Garage, Deep House, House 
UK Bass, Dance-Pop, UK Funky)

12. Slow Focus- Fuck Buttons (Electronic, Neo-Psychedelia 
Drone, Progressive Electronic)

11. Virgins- Tim Hecker (Ambient, Drone 
Glitch, Noise)

10. Factory Floor- Factory Floor (Minimal Wave 
Acid House, Dance-Punk)

9. R Plus Seven- Oneohtrix Point Never (Progressive Electronic, Plunderphonics, Vaporwave 
Glitch, Ambient)

8. STRGTHS- Shxcxchcxsh (Industrial Techno)

7. Overgrown- James Blake (Art Pop, 
Contemporary R&B, Ambient Pop, Blue Eyed Soul)

6. Field of Reeds- These New Puritans (Post-Rock, Art Rock, 
Chamber Music, Post-Minimalism)

5. Deleted Scenes- Standish Carlyon (Synth Pop, 
Minimal Synth)

4. Rival Dealer- Burial (Future Garage, 
Atmospheric Drum and Bass, Ambient Techno, Ambient)

3. Exit!- Fire! Orchestra (Experimental Big Band, 
Vocal Jazz, Free Jazz, Jazz Fusion)

2. Excavation- The Haxan Cloak (Dark Ambient, Ambient Dub, 

1. Loud City Song- Julia Holter (Art Pop, Ambient Pop)